Monday, December 13, 2004

itaas mo!

Fernando Poe, Jr. (known by fans better as FPJ) is currently confined to St. Luke's for his bout with a heart attack (he is currently in a coma). I cannot believe myself, but i find myself keenly checking out the news every so often to see if his condition will turn out for the worse.

Admittedly, i am not a big fan of this guy, but strangely i find myself having some weird ounce of respect for him as a movie actor --- he is, after all, the quintessential underdog in filipino films, playing the still-waters-run-deep type of characters. He has long been considered an icon, with his laid-back persona, beer-drinking, countless movies and yes, connections to controversial people. Never mind that one arm is shorter than the other (that is the rumored reason why he always has his hands in his pockets), he has some weird charisma in him that draws people, especially the masa to adore and love him (previous election counts prove this, as well as the almost psychotic demand for a recount when the results came in). SMB, the local beer, owes most of its sales to this beer-chugging guy. Politics-wise, however, i remain steadfast in the fact that him as our president would have been a turn for the worse (hey, that's just me).

Anyhoo, the coverage of this guy's battle with death is fast plastering the front pages of all news sources, and from what i hear, it'll only be a matter of time before we know the final result.

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